Workshops and trips

You will be able to participate in our workshops, whether as an assistant or as a trainer. You will also be able to subscribe to our photography oriented trips.

The best workshops

If you are an expert in your field and your country, why not consider the possibility of giving trainings in Valencia? We have the experience of these organizations and we have the infrastructure to make them successful. Expose us your ideas with the form at the bottom of the page, we will get in touch.

Enjoy our trips

Valencia is a privileged place for photographic tourism. We organize trips and stays that will let you enjoy the variety of its landscapes, the richness of its typical cuisine and the most modern urban architecture. Enough to fill the SD card of your camera.

You like photography, so we do. We know the best and most attractive places, whether to stay, to taste the local cuisine or to take the most seductive photos. We organize trips that can include transportation from your city, stay and activities, or only a part ot this, depending on the case.

The City of Arts and SciencesCome and shoot the Ciy of Arts and Sciences at night.

The little port of CatarrojaBoats in the channel from the Albufera to the sea.

The Central MarketCome and see that the Central Market of Valencia is a work of art

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